A student guide to: Leicester


It was about a year and a half ago that a much more fresh-faced version of myself left the mundanity of Lincoln and moved to the not so big city of Leicester and began my life as a go getting student. I thought I’d use this opportunity to tell any potential students about the best places to eat, entertainment hotspots and of course the cheapest nights out.

Like any other middle sized metropolitan city, Leicester has the same sort of restaurants from Wagamama to Handmade Burger Company and let’s not forget about Nando’s.
But on the average student budget most of us can’t afford to just eat out every other day, luckily for those of us living there, and any potential Leicester students, there are several more affordable and more adventurous options available.

For those who enjoy anything spicy or Indian, Bombay Bites is the place to go for a great Indian meal for under a tenner, I would recommend the lamb curry with tandoori chicken as well a naan and chips for just £6.70. Another fairly unknown little spot in Leicester is Mission Burrito – another perfect place for those who like a bit of kick in their food, as well as those who don’t like the idea of taking out a mortgage just to get a decent lunch.

If you’re a bit more a traditionalist, where by you like an ice cold pint followed by a pub lunch on a Sunday, The Globe might be perfect for you. Two courses for a tenner on a Sunday sounds good to me.
A cure for anyone hungover from the previous night’s antics.

One of the first things I thought when moving to Leicester was ‘Music venues. I hope there’s decent music venues’. Now, I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t exactly ecstatic either, as the decent music venues boil down to two places.

The Cookie a quirky little bar/venue located in the city centre, now I say venue but it’s more like a bar on the top floor with a tiny venue underneath. Obviously you’re not going to see huge artists performing sell out arena like shows anytime soon but it’s more of a place to see more indie bands like JAWS and more recently Drenge. Nothing to shout about but good for seeing those up and coming bands that are fairly unknown.

The bigger and better venue, In terms of music anyway, is Leicester’s O2 academy. A venue with a lot more to offer than it’s smaller counterpart. Showcasing a range of different bands and artists to suit anyone’s tastes ranging from tribute bands of the Sex Pistols called ‘The Sex Pissed Dolls’ to established artists such as Peace and Trivium. Not only that, but it also plays host The Handmade Festival every year that is always a laugh. Like all O2 academy’s though, the price of drinks is extortionate especially for students.

Night life
What’s one of the more important aspects of student life? That’s right – a good night out. The perfect way to let loose and forget about the stresses of uni life, and Leicester’s no exception. There’s the standard student fairly mundane SU night on a Wednesday, but it’s nothing but sticky floors and overpriced booze in my opinion anyway.

The best nights out in Leicester come obviously from the two biggest clubs in Leicester, one of them being Republic. Republic is your standard nightclub pumping out house music while providing a fairly decent atmosphere, the perfect place to go after you’ve necked a few drinks. The other club legendary in and around Leicester – Mosh is a club that most students would agree is on of the best nights out in the city. Three levels of alternating music, Mosh Tuesdays being the best night, with Alternative/Indie on bottom floor, Classics/more cheesy music on middle and your usual top 40 on the highest floor. Behind its rather grim aesthetic is a place with cheap drinks, great music and is close to a Mcdonalds for those late night chicken nugget cravings.

Photo credit: Flickr // Vadim Timoshkin

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