Things that will inevitably happen on your year abroad


 Remember when you thought your year abroad was just going to be one big, year-long  soirée? Well it isn’t necessarily always that way…here are some of the inevitable parts of doing a year abroad.

1. When people make jokes about tea because you’re British.

community awkward great thumbs up annie edison

That’s right. We do have tea in England. Just like they have pretty much everywhere else in the world…

2. When it is Term 2 and the tea jokes are still going strong.

200w (1)

It stopped being funny a while back guys. Please stop…

3. When you try to laugh off the language barrier you are clearly struggling with.

Haha I totally understand that joke you guys made! Haha yes I know exactly what we have to do for next week! Haha I will nod my head and say “oui” instead of actually asking somebody to repeat themselves! Haha!

4. When you finally understand a native speaker and proceed to tell everybody about it.

new-girl new girl thumbs up nick miller teamwork

You held a conversation for 2.5 seconds so you feel you’ve earnt 2.5 days’ worth of bragging. It’s okay. You deserve it. Even if all you said was “no worries” to the woman who accidently fell on you as the train came to an abrupt stop.

5. When the administration just keep repeatedly screwing you over

tv television funny 90s friends

Your bank, your landlord, your school – they all will probably be quite slow to deal with your issues. It’s okay. You will survive.

6. Being suspicious of the exchange rate and constantly feeling like you are owed more.

crying new girl jess day

This is the feeling of doom every time you make yourself an international transfer. And then when you’re back home you will undoubtedly be complaining about the exchange rate there as well. “You get so much more value for money you know…” / “God I never paid that much for that on my year abroad…”

7. When your friends come to visit and you want to prove to them that your city is the greatest place on earth.

There’s always a lot of pressure when your friends visit you. On the one hand, you really want them to know how fantastic and beautiful your new home is. And then, on the other hand, you really don’t care if they disagree- what do they know anyway?! Uncultured fools.

8. Meeting some really cool people.

kourtney kardashian scott disick love it dance it out

This is probably the best part. You meet people who are probably far more interesting than you and you get to pass the year making great memories with everybody.

9. But then also experiencing serious FOMO when your friends at home are doing cool things together.

200 (4)

You know a year abroad is probably a lot more fulfilling and will benefit you loads and all that future career stuff, blah blah- but how nice would it be to be at your course ball with your friends? *sad emoji*

10. Being able to add the location filter on Snapchat. 

meryl streep the devil wears prada happy hour everybody wants to be us

Same goes for tagging your location on Instagram. We don’t care how obnoxious this is. How else will you know we were at the Eiffel Tower? Through the picture alone?! Doubt it.

11. Going backwards and forwards with missing home/ never wanting to go back.

200 (3)

It’s a rollercoaster.

Photo credit: Flickr // Joe Shlabotnik

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