The best place to have coffee in Preston: Cedarwood Coffee Co.


Located on the cobbles of Preston City’s Winckley Street, Cedarwood Coffee Co. is an independent family run business like no other. Brewing with success since its opening last March, there’s a ‘latte’ reasons this little shop is the best place to have coffee in Preston.

What was once a former office block and dentist, has been transformed to create London, Paris and New York style rooms in the upstairs seating area. The décor makes it one of those coffee shops you can find yourself sitting in for hours, with its calm and homely atmosphere (and staff!)

Aside the chic décor, the coffee is the main attraction for Cedarwood, who have a strong tie with their local coffee roasters from Lancaster. This makes Cedarwood different to the many competing coffee shops of Preston, as all produce is sourced locally with love. And for those who claim coffee isn’t their cup of tea, will be glad to know Cedarwood hosts eight different types of tea, as well as a variety of delicious ice cream flavours from Atkinson and Bond’s.

You can enjoy Cedarwood’s coffee, tea, ice cream or daily special delights whilst sat at the downstairs coffee bar that gazes onto the Fishergate shopping center. Maybe go upstairs and take a trip to London and browse the cafe’s magical book selection, or enjoy the outdoor seating and get a bit of Vitamin C with your cuppa.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop to sit down and get some work done, lose yourself in a good book or have a good natter with a friend over a cup of the finest coffee, Cedarwood Coffee Co. is definitely the perfect place for you

Photo header credit: Flickr // Valerie Hinojosa
Bottom photo credit: TSS


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