Suicide Squad: a review

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If you don’t go to see Suicide Squad under the grand delusion that you’re the movie critics Siskel & Ebert, it is ultimately a summer blockbuster and if you go expecting nothing more, you may find it a decent and somewhat entertaining film.

Truthfully, the cast did a good job with what they were given. Will Smith is likable as Deadshot and Viola Davis gives an impressively steely performance. Where Suicide Squad falls down is its apparently rushed script and last minute editing, which makes it over all messy and clumsy. It feels like it had potential. It certainly has a very cool soundtrack.

The true star of Suicide Squad is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She has an immaturity and naivety about her that contrasts to her violent tendencies and makes her unpredictable and a little unsettling, whilst remaining sweet and funny. Just don’t go hoping for a feminist icon, she after all goes from being a doctor, to the Joker’s besotted ‘Puddin’, happily in an abusive and controlling relationship. Not to mention the way half the cast leers at her in her tiny outfit. Furthermore, Cara Delevingne is given a chance to do little more than inexplicably gyrate about in what amounts to a miniature bikini. Alas, this is a comic book movie about villains, so I wouldn’t go looking for idols.

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Villains are supposed to be more fun, so there is notably much more humour than there was in Batman vs. Superman. Unfortunately, a few times the humour does come off as smug and unnatural, an attempt to imitate the success of Marvel’s Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy. There are moments of quirkiness that too often feel contrived, especially when the Joker is on screen. In fairness, I do not think Jared Leto’s Joker is given enough screen time to shine, which was disappointing considering the hype that was built up around his role.joker
Unsurprisingly for a superhero movie, underneath the cool explosions and big budget effects, is a weak plot. Same as usual, a big city under attack by a superhuman with little depth and a faceless army. What makes Suicide Squad unique was this being a team of super villains rather than righteous heroes. Yet, the same old camaraderie and team work seeps in, it would have been perhaps a bit more fun watching utterly depraved villains kicking ass. Nonetheless, the few moments of vulnerability actually give Suicide Squad some depth.

After the bore that was Batman vs. Superman, DC needed to redeem themselves with Suicide Squad, whilst it was a step in the right direction, they shall just have to hope Wonder Woman does the trick.

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