Ways to Sashay into 2017 Healthily

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Are any of you crawling, panting, dragging your Stilton-filled carcasses into 2017 like me? If yes, here are some fairly mundane yet failsafe ways of making sure you leap back into being the skinny-jean clad slayer of life that you previously were before Christmas.

Drink more water.
Yeah, I know, we’ve all heard it and ignored it before. If any of you have stopped reading then COME BACK NOW because, seriously, it works. Buy one of those huge plastic bottles with slogans such as ‘instant mermaid: just add water’ (£8.99, but they’re cute and can hold about a litre and a half) from New Look and try and finish its contents and refill it at least once a day. Your skin will be free of alcohol spots, you’ll feel energised AF and maybe, one day, with enough water added, you may actually become a mermaid.


Don’t create huge expectations for yourself that are bound to be sacked off the minute Big Brother is on and it’s raining, like training for the London Marathon.
Obviously, if this is what you desire, then go for it! But personally, I have told myself millions of times that I would start running every day and, because it is such a drastic change to my lifestyle, have never got round to it. My advice? Start small and work up! A few sit ups every day, a bit of yoga in the evening, maybe a walk around the park to warm yourself up. These things may seem ineffective, but they are the gateway drug to a healthier lifestyle and mean that you will be far more likely to actually buy some trainers and go to the gym. Plus, Miley Cyrus does yoga and we all secretly want to be like her. Just me? Ok.

For an emotionally healthy way to enter the new year, make time to read.
All of us at uni have extremely heavy workloads, but have you ever realised just how long you sit staring at your phone or aimlessly re-watching the same Netflix series over and over again? These things are extremely comforting, but may also lead to our brains becoming mashed potato. Don’t start with War and Peace because it’s just not going to happen (soz Tolstoy). Begin with something comforting, like Harry Potter or something by Patrick Ness. For something scarier, try Darren Shan. It’s like TV that you make up in your own head!


Drink more green tea.
It’s so good for you! It has a crazy amount of anti-oxidants and is packed with natural caffeine. If you don’t like the taste, try some Matcha Green Tea capsules, which will give you an insane boost of energy and will also help to speed up metabolism. Swallow them quickly, as they taste disgusting.

If any of these tips have been in any way helpful, I will shed a glistening tear of joy. Have an amazing new year and slay it like you did the last! Did I use ‘slay’ in the right context? I just don’t know anymore. Stay ‘lit’! Was that right?

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