Debenhams’ Brave Step Towards Banishing Ignorance

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It’s an exciting time for the highstreet with the news that Debenhams will start stocking hijabs, hijab pins, headscarves, jumpsuits and more. They are collaborating with a clothing company that produces modest clothing, named ‘Aab’. Although there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this new addition to Debenhams’ stock, I think it is an important step towards a more accepting society, particularly considering the political situation in America where a ‘Muslim Ban’ had been put in place. Debenhams have made a very admirable step in showing that they do not condone such despicable behaviour, and have proven that everyone should be treated as equals, despite their religion or culture.

Despite how poignant this step now seems due to issues previously mentioned, it is anyone’s right to express themselves or their beliefs in anyway they see fit. Why should anyone not be permitted the right to dress how they want because other people are ignorant and foolish? I personally feel that it is despicable that places like France and Belgium have banned people from wearing burqas. Although some defend their actions, arguing that some women are forced to dress that way, how is it any better for you to dictate what someone can and cannot wear? There are also many examples were burqas have allowed women to expand their horizons in developing countries, allowing them to be educated. However for many people, these items of clothing are not a symbol of their oppression, but rather a way to show their respect for their culture or religion, or simply because they think they look nice.

Debenhams are expanding their market to meet the needs of a wider range of customers and so they should! I for one am very happy and proud of what Debenhams are doing. Bravo!

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