Why Spring Is The Best Season


1. Baby Animals- We all agree that animals are adorable. So what could be cuter? Miniature versions of said animals, of course. Spring is a glorious time where there is a fresh burst of life in the air. Ducklings, lambs, chicks and many more gorgeous animals spring into the world and are completely shocked and overjoyed with everything they see, making them even more endearing. It definitely cheers you up when you’re driving to work and you see lambs jumping and parading around a field with no care in the world.


2. Here Comes The Sun- You know that round, big, yellow ball thing that hangs around in the sky during the day? The Sun- that’s what it’s called. We all by now have forgotten what this remarkable sphere looks like, as it has been absent for so long. But with Spring comes the promise of sunnier days, where a giant duffle coat is not required. Everyone seems a little happier and healthier when the sun is shinning, and with longer days and beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t be?

sunny day

3. Easter (a.k.a. more food)- Spring continues to soar to the top of my favourite seasons list as it brings along Easter. Suddenly, Creme Eggs make a cheeky appearance after leaving us to make do with mundane selections of chocolate for so long. Chocolate Easter eggs begin to dominate supermarket shelves, making prospects of Easter lunch even more exciting. It’s a time for the family to gather and enjoy each other’s company after eating far too much food. What a fabulous holiday!

Chocolate easter egg

4. Daffodils- As we go deeper and deeper into Spring, more and more bursts of daffodils seem to appear along the side of the road, up driveways, in fields and gardens. Coming in slight variations of colour, they’re the most determined of all the flowers to pop up when you least expect it and to brighten up your day. To me, daffodils are a very happy flower and is yet another reason why I believe that Spring is the best season.





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