The Monsters of Hartpury College


If you have been more fortunate, then you will not have seen the harrowing videos and pictures of Hartpury College students murdering a baby fox, a badger and even a teacher’s pet cat. The first video included students butchering a baby fox, with the caption ‘got the f**ker’, and the others soon followed. It disturbingly came to the attention of the authorities that some kind of contest was being held within the community of Hartpury students, a contest that involved trying to kill the largest animal that they could find. Cue the bile rising in your throat.

What’s worse? The college released a statement claiming that the students ‘hit the cub with their car and then dispatched it with a knife to end its suffering’, insisting that the act of barbaric cruelty was merely in the name of peace. However, this claim becomes sadly laughable after viewing the video, which shows students cutting the animal’s throat while chuckling as though they were playing a drinking game. The college went on to say that ‘the act of killing was not cruel but to film it on Snapchat was unacceptable’. What? The fact that the students filmed the act directly shows that they did not find it distressing, as normal people would, but that they were entertained and thought that other people would be too. If I had accidentally hit an animal with my car, and it was still alive, I would take it to the vet to be put down. Why? Because I do not know how to kill an animal. I would not enjoy killing an animal. That does not come naturally to most people. The fact that Hartpury staff are even attempting to suggest that the killing of a fox was done out of mercy is disgustingly disrespectful to the animal that was so brutally killed, along with lying to the police and the general public in order to protect their legacy. The animal’s throat was cut, which would not have ended its suffering but prolonged it.

When it came to the teacher’s cat, a boy is pictured posing with its corpse as he dangles it by its tail. This time, every member of staff that had defended the fox-torturing students seemed to shuffle back into their caves, as it became extremely apparent that harm was deliberate. Despite this, and the cat being owned by a member of staff, the students still suffered zero repercussions. With a petition on the rise and the public outraged and deeply upset by the actions of these monsters, the pressure began to rise for the college. Finally, a statement was released yesterday that the students had been expelled. Despite the fact that these animals still suffered, it seems that justice has now been served to an extent.


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