DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

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It’s the moooost wonderful time of the year… and that means that inevitably, nobody has any money. Because they are spending it all on spooky fairy lights, pumpkin spice lattes, sweets for trick or treaters and black lipstick. So what do you do when you’ve got a Halloween party looming, are seriously lacking in decorations and an even more serious lack of funds? I’ll tell you: you take to Pinterest and search like Columbo. Here are some delights that I found on my journey through the web:

  1. Pumpkin ice bucket– buy a huge pumpkin (they’re only about £2) and carve it out completely, until it is hollow. Fill it with ice on the night of the shindig and, following this, fill it with bottles of beer. Extremely cheap and looks great! If you don’t want the pumpkin to actually touch the bottles, place a plastic bowl inside before filling with ice.

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2. Undead Barbie centrepieces– scour Home Bargains or Poundworld and you will be bound to find a cheap doll of some kind, lurking in the shadows. Once bought, cover her in dark make-up, draw stitches on her face, scribble all over her clothes; anything to make her look creepy. When she’s finished, pop her in the middle of your ring of fire table and prepare for the compliments.

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3.  Syringe shots– not as weird as they sound, I swear. Simply order a bundle of non-needles syringes from Ebay or Amazon (mine were 25p for 50) and fill them with Cactus Jacks, or some other kind of red alcohol. Or cranberry juice! These make for great photos and look really spooky.

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4. ‘The Chamber of Secrets has been Opened’– the easiest of the bunch: literally write this phrase on your mirror with lipstick, possibly adding a pair of novelty Harry Potter glasses underneath. Harry Potter fans alike will love it!

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5. Finally,  for the perfect spooky snack, buy some mini gingerbread men (or make them, whatever you like, it’s a free world) and decorate them with vampire-esque icing: fangs, red dripping blood, stitches etc. Go wild!

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