Halloween Costume Ideas To Make You Stand Out


Now it’s September it’s officially socially acceptable to give up on summer and to embrace halloween and everything spooky. It’s tempting to resort to the classic halloween costumes that we’ve all worn at one point or another, like a witch, zombie or the mothership, sexy cat. Those sorts of costumes can look really cool if you jazz it up with some weird contact lenses and fake blood, but if you fancy pushing the boat out this halloween, here’s a list of costume ideas that you can use!

  1. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction- This outfit is pretty easy to achieve as all you need is a white shirt, black trousers and a dark wig with a fringe. Or you could just spray your hair temporarily dark if it’s too light. To make it more halloweeny, use some fake blood to make it look like your nose is bleeding and and use a fake syringe to give the illusion that it’s sticking out of your chest.


2. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas- You could do this as a pair if you’re committed to this look, but being either of these characters on your own is still pretty nifty. To dress as Jack Skellington, you’ll need to paint your face entirely white with facepaint/pale foundation, and then black out your entire eye area so they look like circles. You’ll then need to draw two small black lines on your nose, so it looks like your nose is very small. Then draw a long black line going over your mouth that reaches the end of your face on both sides. Then draw small, vertical lines across the original line in black again. For more detail, wear a black and white striped shirt or a black suit if you have one available.

jack skellington

3. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas- To dress as Sally, all you’ll need is a patch-work dress or an old-looking dress that you can cut along the edges to make it look tatty and sewn together. You’ll also need some temporary red hair spray or a red wig to give the look more detail. Then add some light blue face paint on your face and any parts of your body that are showing to make you look creepy. Next, with a black liner, draw stitching details along your face and down your legs and arms. Finish with false lashes and a red lip!


4. Sweeney Todd- For Todd’s look, all you need to do is create the illusion of a white streak going through your hair. This can be achieved by using dry shampoo, talc or a cheap can of white/grey hairspray. Finish it off by wearing a loose fitting white shirt with a black shirt that’s been trimmed at the sleeves over it, so it looks like a waistcoat (or just wear a waistcoat if you have one). Paint your face as white as you can and finish with dark eyeshadow all around the eyes to make you look ill.

sweeney todd

5. Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd- For Mrs Lovett, wear a corset-like dark dress with backcombed hair and dark eyeshadow around your eyes. Again, you need to look pale and tired, so paint your face white and apply dark eyeshadow!


6. The Red Devil from Scream Queens- This one is relatively simple. Basically, just wear any red clothes you can find with a red devil mask. These can be found on amazon or ebay. It might be quite expensive to get the Red Devil mask that’s the same as the one from the show, so any one will do! A red cape and a red plastic body suit would add more detail and make it more obvious that you’re a specific character rather than just a bog standard devil.

red devil

7. Emily from Corpse Bride- You’ll need to paint whatever skin you have showing a pale, deathly shade of blue to give the illusion that you’re a corpse. Emily also has blue hair with a veil and a wedding dress. Obviously you don’t need to buy a wedding dress for this look! Any white dress would do the job. To make it more striking, you could paint bones along your right arm, so it looks like all of the flesh has come off. You could also rip a section of the dress around the ribs and paint on fake protruding rib bones. Dark blue eyeshadow all around the eyes and a dark purple lip will complete the look!


8. Tiff from Chucky- Your hair will need to look short and blonde for this look. This can be achieved by pinning some of your hair back and then spraying it a lighter colour if you have dark hair. A blonde wig would be even better, but inevitably more expensive. You’ll also need dark makeup. For example, black lips and dark purple eyeshadow around your eyes. Tiff is also quite pale, so white face paint may be handy! A white dress is all you need to wear to look like you’re wearing a wedding dress. A chunky black choker would give the costume more detail, along with Tiff’s ‘Chucky’ tattoo above a heart with a bow going through it on her chest. A leather jacket will finish off the look perfectly.



Happy Halloweening!









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