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It’s a new academic year and after the fun of the first few weeks, the routine and the drudgery of university commute begins to set in again. Here at The Student Situation, we’re all too painfully aware of how grim the university commute can be. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, we’ve got 5 fantastic books to make a long journey pass by in a flash. Read on for our five recommendations for your university commute this term.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

This is a great book to read if you’re stuck going to and fro on your university commute as you get lost in the dark, intricate story. Wilde explores the fine line between vanity and obsession and how youth and beauty are so highly regarded in society. Would you risk everything if you could retain these virtues, even if it meant compromising your soul? The psychology behind our actions and thoughts are explored in this thought-provoking novel. We discover alongside Dorian what really makes a good person. Plus, what’s so good about being good anyway?

Picture-of-Dorian-Gray-university commute

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor stands out in a crowd because of her wild, bushy red hair, colourful clothes and large frame. She wishes more than anything that she didn’t though – she feels awkward and insignificant. But that’s until she meets Park on the bus journey to her new school. They bond over comics and music and slowly learn more about each other until their friendship deepens into something more.

Rowell explores hard-hitting topics like domestic violence and the effects of bullying. Yet light and love can always be found. Park’s love and affection is enough to help Eleanor survive. Eleanor’s fearless attitude and unapologetic aim to always be herself is what helps Park come out of his shell and embrace who he really is.

This book is great for a long university commute as you won’t be able to put it down. Despite the serious themes that are explored, it’s a feel-good read.

Eleanor-park-university commute

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

This book reinforces the idea that there are two sides to every story, or in this case multiple, as we follow the marriage and life of Lotto and Mathilde from each of their perspectives. Groff very cleverly explores human weakness and the consequences of our actions. She shows us how different situations impact us personally. Themes such as secrets, feminism, love and betrayal are entwined throughout this page-turner and truly makes you question whether or not you really know anybody or whether you’re familiar with the version of them they choose to present.

This is definitely a more thought provoking read to get your brain whirring on your university commute!

fates-and-furies-university commute

On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Evie Snow passes away in her sleep peacefully surrounded by family. But when she wakes up, she finds herself to be 27 again and living in her old apartment building. After bumping into other characters who have been dead long before her, Evie quickly discovers that she is trapped in a sort of limbo, unable to pass to the other side. Her soul is too heavy and troubled, causing her to delve into her past and her secrets to discover what’s preventing her from moving on.

Best-books-university commute-Carrie-Other-Side

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

This book is ideal for the university commute when you’re wishing that you’re somewhere else, like your bed. It will make you laugh out loud and put you in a good mood to start the day. Miranda lets us in on her embarrassing and cringe-worthy stories from her childhood and throughout her life. She does this while chatting  and giving advice to her 18 year old self. This gives her the chance to reflect on how she’s changed and compare what her priorities were then (being cool and getting with boys) as opposed to now (having fun). You also don’t necessarily have to read this book chapter by chapter. Instead you can pick and choose what subject you want a funny anecdote from depending on the day.

Best-books-university commute-Hart-Just-Me

Here we’ve got a real mix of books to brighten up your university commute. From the funny to the thought provoking, there’s something to suit every student and every type of university commute. Now it’s just a case of getting the course reading done!

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