5 Creepy Books to get you in the Halloween Mood

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Horror movies aren’t the only thing you can use to get yourself in a creepy, Halloween-ready mindset. Your own imagination can be just as good, if not better. So here are some literary favourites of mine to help you on the way.

  1. Night Waking by Sarah Moss– set in a remote house on an island in the Scottish highlands, a mother of two young boys struggles to cope with life out of the city and without any help from her husband. Things start to get eery when she begins to hear strange noises emerging from her attack, that only her and her oldest son seem to be able to hear. Combine that with a strange history of the island that holds stories of infant mortality, is this all in the mother’s mind, or real?
  2. Lord Loss by Darren Shan– if you’re a werewolf/zombie nerd like me, you’ll love this one. Grubbs Grady’s life is turn upside down when he realises that being a werewolf runs in his family’s genes, forcing him to confront the reality that demons are real and that one in particular, Lord Loss, must be defeated if he ever wants to lead a normal life again.
  3. Brothers Grimm Fairytales– maybe more of an obvious one, but this gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies (it’s Halloween, let me have my fun). Feel like reading Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty? What about Puss in Boots? If you’re keen to combine your love of fairytales with something more macabre, why not see what these stories are like in their original forms? After all, Disney didn’t invent all of them!
  4. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn– this one is more psychologically scary, rather than involving ghosts and ghouls. Told through the narrative of a husband and wife, we are left wondering whether one is insane, whether one is a murderer, or whether any of this is happening at all.
  5. A Company of Liars by Karen Maitland– set in fourteenth century Britain, at the height of the plague outbreak, we find ourselves following the stories of a group of people that have banded together to make it out of their town alive. In pursuit of them, for some reason, a young girl who appears to have the powers of a witch. She knows all of their secrets, but what does she want with them?

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