Love Island’s Kady McDermott IS a Role Model- Here’s Why

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After reading the hundreds of articles about Love Island star Kady McDermott being axed from switching on Christmas lights in Welwyn Garden City, it’s safe to say that I have been left absolutely furious.

The reason for McDermott being told that she was not an ‘appropriate’ role model for children, and therefore not allowed? She had sex. On television. On a programme where that happens about 46 times an episode. Now, I didn’t think that it was something that had to be spelled out for the general public, but clearly I was mistaken: people have sex. Everyone. Your postman, your lecturer, that person on the bus, all of them.

McDermott took to the stage of Good Morning Britain in order to defend herself (seriously, the fact that she even had to do that enrages me) and her career. Bizarrely, journalist Anna May Mangan (I am sure that she has probably had sex at some point too) compared McDermott turning on the lights to ‘Magic Mike hosting a Scout’s jamboree’. Magic Mike is a stripper. While there is nothing wrong with this profession, one begins to wonder: is Mangan suggesting that people that have sex are a few small steps away from doing it for money? Again, there is nothing wrong with that either, but it has to be said that being sexual with someone you love and stripping are two very different activities. McDermott went on to say that she was asked to switch on the lights in the first place due to her extensive charity work for brain tumour awareness charities, which, for some reason, seems to keep being ignored. This is a 22 year old, somebody that is only one year older than myself, that has probably raised more money for charity/as much as any of the people sitting on the panel of Good Morning Britain.

Yes, she had sex on television. Surely we have to ask ourselves what the big deal around that is? Of course, it wouldn’t be for everyone, but I personally have to applaud her for attempting to show the world that sex is not shameful, and is not something that people should see as dirty and repulsive. Almost every film that is released at the moment contains a tit, a bit of thigh or full frontal nudity- would the actors involved with this no longer be considered role models for children? When Kate Winslet showed some skin and performed a sex scene in Titanic, did all of her charity work suddenly become irrelevant? Are Leo DiCaprio’s fundraisers for climate change obsolete due to him joining in? I agree that some things should sometimes be left private, but that is entirely up to the individual involved. Why focus on the fact that somebody has decided to express their passion on television, like many have paved the way to do in the past, rather on the fact that they have raised thousands for charity? Kady McDermott, you ARE a role model, and are inspiring the masses to not only know that you can have a thriving career at the age of 22, but to also realise that sex isn’t shameful, and nobody should be shamed for enjoying it.

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